What is Integrated Pest Management?

The term Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is becoming more frequently used instead of pest control, but are they different and what does IPM mean?

Let’s start with the term management

The primary focus of pest management is on limiting the size of the population rather than achieving complete eradication and control. Pest management recognises that in some situations it is not possible to eradicate all pests on site, for example, flies present on a waste disposal site. However, procedures can be implemented to reduce the population and impact of the flies – thereby managing the pest problem.


What about integrated?

In years gone by, pest control was seen as a process of throwing down pesticides and hoping for the best. However, the term integrated signifies a broader approach to pest problems and seeks to combine biological, cultural and physical techniques in addition to the use of pesticides to minimise the impact of pests. There are many tools that can be used as part of an IPM approach, these can include:

  • Removal of harbourage can range from having a good vacuum in a property or clearing overgrown shrubs
  • Removal of a food supply to make the site less appealing to pests
  • Temperature control which can be either freezing or heating for example against bed bugs
  • Physical restrictions such as installing brush strip on the bottom of doors to prevent rodent access or installing an electronic fly killer or fly screens
  • Non-toxic control such as traps or sticky boards
  • Toxic control such as the use of rodenticides or insecticides

IPM leads to a proactive approach to managing pests on an ongoing basis rather than a reactive approach, only treating pest issues as they arise. IPM also results in a reduction in the use of pesticides which is better for the environment, as well as a reduction in economic losses from damage caused by pests.

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