Wasp Trapping Services in Suffolk

There are some instances when wasps are a nuisance in outdoor catering and when the nest cannot be located. This usually occurs from July through to October when and the wasps change their feeding habits to concentrate on sugary foods.

Why do wasps need to be controlled?
  • Stings
  • Bites
  • Damage to fruit crops and bee hives
  • Damage to property

Wasp and hornet venom is a cocktail of chemicals and whilst most stings give an uncomfortable swelling, to some people one sting may cause life threatening anaphalaxis.


Due to the feeding activities of wasps, their jaws harbour a large variety of different disease causing bacteria. This can lead to infections and it has been said that wasp bites can be more painful than their stings.

Damage to fruit crops and bee hives

A new pest to the UK is the Asian hornet. It is smaller than the European hornet and it kills bees. We are all on alert for this new invasive species.

Damage to property

Wasp activity can cause staining to ceilings and in some cases can lead to them eating through the plasterboard and entering the room below.

Suffolk wasp trappingThe solution of how to deal with these nuisance wasps is by the installation of an integrated wasp management programme using dynamic and static wasp traps.

It is not as simple as putting up a wasp trap. Many commercial traps require re-baiting as they dry up and need emptying of dead wasps, both of which increase the risk of people being stung. Pest Solution technicians have all been trained in integrated wasp management as part of their ongoing continuous professional development and can design a wasp management programme using professional trapping systems that have been shown to reduce sting rates by up to 99%, giving you and your customers a wasp free environment.


How can pest solution help?

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Wasp Nest What next?
What next?

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