Emergence of Bees and Wasps

WaspWith the recent warm weather bees and wasps have started to appear, and so have the phone calls from customers saying that they have an issue with bees or wasps and have a nest in their house/garden.

At this time of year, the queen wasps are just starting to emerge from hibernation and are searching for potential nesting sites. They will commence building their nests in the next month or so, and the first workers will emerge around June. So for the moment, there aren’t any active wasps nest that require treatment!

The majority of enquiries we have received about bees so far this year have been about masonry bees. Masonry bees are one of the first species of bee to appear in the spring and are a very important species for pollinating early flowers. They are a solitary bee and make their nests in mortar. Even though they are a solitary bee, they can often be found in large numbers as the favourable conditions will attract many individuals.

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