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Suffolk Trading Standards Approved

Pest Solution would like all clients to be confident that they will receive the best technical advice and service available. This can only happen if we provide a professional and high-quality service offering value for money. As part of this, we are proud to be Suffolk Trading Standards Approved. But what does this mean? Trading […]

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Review of the Summer 2018

Last year, we posted a blog about the large reduction in wasp numbers in 2017 – Where are all the wasps? It was uncertain what would be in store for the wasp population in 2018 and whether they would recover to their normal numbers or not. The wasp and European hornet numbers have definitely recovered […]

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Emergence of Bees and Wasps

With the recent warm weather bees and wasps have started to appear, and so have the phone calls from customers saying that they have an issue with bees or wasps and have a nest in their house/garden. At this time of year, the queen wasps are just starting to emerge from hibernation and are searching […]

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What is lurking in your loft?

Pest Solution often receives calls from customers that are hearing noises in their loft. Lofts can provide ideal environments for pests and casual invaders as they provide warmth and shelter from the elements. Here are some of the common animals that are found in lofts: Rats and Mice are common pests found inside properties and […]

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Where are all the wasps?

Pest Solution has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of calls received concerning wasps this summer and this has also been noted by other pest control companies across the UK. We all enjoy having fewer wasps bothering us at picnics or barbecues, but for the world of pest control it is not such good […]

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Is it just a matter of time before the Asian Hornet is established in the UK?

The Asian hornet (Vespa velutina), is an invasive, non-native species that originates from Asia. They are no more dangerous to humans than the native European hornets (Vespa crabro). However, they are predators of insects, such as honey bees, and can cause significant losses to bee colonies. Asian hornets are said to be able to kill […]

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