A Wasps Nest Timeline

July is usually the time of year that we suddenly get an increase in calls regarding wasp nests, even though the nests may have been around since April. It is not until July/August that the nests become more evident as the number of individuals in the nest is much higher.

April/May – The queen emerges from hibernation as the temperatures begin to increase and she starts to build a nest This initial nest is usually only the size of a golf ball, and soon after she begins to lay the first eggs.

June – the nest grows slowly, and the first adults emerge from the nest 4-6 weeks after the first eggs are laid.

July – The nest starts to grow more rapidly as the numbers in the nest increase. This tends to be when you will start to notice nests on your property as there are more wasps flying around.

August/September – This is the peak of the size and activity within the nest. At the peak of nest activity there can be up to 20,000 individuals in one nest, however the average is between 2,000 and 5,000. Nests within loft spaces can grow to be very large in size.

October/November/December – As the temperatures drop and food supply decreases, the nest starts to decline and once some heavy frosts have happened, the nest dies off completely.

Over the winter months, the nest is empty, and the nest cannot be re-used in subsequent years. So, if you find a large wasp nest in your loft in the winter or spring months, it is an old nest that does not cause any problems.


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