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wasp nest removal

Suffolk Wasp Pest Control and Management Services

When wasps or hornets become established, the treatment of the nest by an untrained person can be dangerous as the wasps or hornets can become aggressive when threatened.

To ensure safe and effective treatment of the nest and reduce the risk of wasp or hornet stings to you, your family or your staff, book a wasp nest treatment with Pest Solution by phoning 0800 6118140 or online by completing the contact form.

After initial inspection of the site where activity is noted, our trained technicians will decide on the most effective and safest treatment to suit your needs.

We GUARANTEE our treatment and if there is any activity after 24 hours then please call us and we will return to retreat the nest at no extra cost.

The nest is never reused, so it does not have to be removed, but if you would like it removed then a follow up visit will be required and will be charged accordingly.